The United Leasing Association has been created in 1999, as the first regional consolidation of participants of the leasing market. The initial name of association is "The St.-Petersburg Leasing Association Petersburg-leasing". Time of creation of Association has coincided with the period of formation of the Russian legislation on leasing, and also the epicritic period of the Russian economy which has been noted by revaluation of approaches to business dealing of the leasing companies.
Back in 1999, six working leasing companies of St.-Petersburg - JSC "RT-Leasing", JSC "Baltiisky Leasing", JSC FC "Baltinvest", LLC «Petersburg Leasing Company", JSC "Anchor", and also the Russian Association of Leasing Companies (Rosleasing), founded The St.-Petersburg Leasing Association "Petersburg-leasing". Siling S.A., the general director of the JSC "RT-Leasing", was the initiator of creation.
The association has started it's work with completion and improvement of the evolving legislation, for it to retain the advantages which allowed to support Russian manufacturers. Dmitry Korchagov, the general director of JSC "Baltiisky Leasing", became the first Association President. Marina Vorobieva, the financial officer of LLC "PLK", became the first director of the Association.
In 2001 the Association took part in an unique practical study, organized by SABIT program "Creation of industry-specific leasing associations", which is financed by the USA Department of Trade and Commerce. The participants of the study have visited USA, where they have got acquainted with experience of leasing activity run by the largest leasing companies and banks. Contacts with the American Leasing Association have been established. The Business plan, built on the ground of study results, was taken for basis of Association activity development.
From the very start of activity, the Association has pledged democracy principles in the basis of management structure. The ULA President is selected annually from among the Council members; the most part of them also rotated annually.
Presidents of the Association

2009 - present

Kirill Tsarev

Deputy director Sberbank Leasing

2007 - 2009

Andrey Pushkarev

General director leasing company "ZEST"


2006 - 2007

Dmitry Samodurov

General director "Universal Leasing Company"


Valentin Karnaruk


2004 - 2005

Dmitry Gorizontov

 General director "Petersburg Leasing Company"

2003 - 2004

Irina Shutovich

Vice-President Company Group "Soyuz"


2002 - 2003

Michael  Rybakov



2001 - 2002

Sergey  Siling

  General director "RT-Leasing"

1999 - 2001

Dmitry Korchagov

General director "Baltiisky Leasing"

In 2003, the St.-Petersburg Leasing Association "Petersburg-leasing" has been renamed, according to the General meeting decision, to North-West Leasing Association (NWLA). The decision was made in connection with growing quantity of Association members from North-West region and increase in activity areas.
For years which have passed from the moment of creation, NWLA became an active platform for information and experience interchange between members of the Association, has grown 10 times wider, became federal, having united companies from all regions of the Russian Federation. By today, the Association unites leasing companies, suppliers, insurance and consulting companies, and also companies which are engaged in automated systems integration.
One of Association activity main directions is vocational training for the purpose of professional skill improvement for specialists of leasing companies. Since 2001, courses of vocational training on the basis of the State University of Aerospace Instruments in St.-Petersburg have being conducted. In 2005, the Association has founded it's own educational centre, leasing specialization of which is unique for Russia - the Non-governmental Educational Institution of further vocational education "The North-West Leasing Education Center". The center carries out training on various specialities HERE. The audience of the center is a wide range of specialists occupied in leasing industry; not only representatives of Russian leasing companies, but also from CIS countries arrive to study in it.
The Association pays much attention to development of international relationships. Intense correspondence circulation and experience exchange with the nearest neighbours from leasing communities of the CIS countries - Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan - is maintained. The Association also keeps communication with leasing associations of BRIC countries, Europe, and Leaseurope. Since 2007, NWLA practices organisation of business travels to largest leasing associations and communities of other countries. Thus, it became possible to visit and get personally acquainted with work of the largest leasing associations of the world - ELFA (USA) and JLA (Japan). 
In March of 2005, the members of the North-West Leasing Association approved the Ethical Code, which regulates relations of Association members with the public, state structures, colleagues, clients, partners and other members of the Association. The Ethical Code approved with an aim to protect the industry interests from unreliable participants through demonstration of Association members adherence to high standards of ethical behaviour and prompting other participants of leasing industry, primarily leasing companies, to follow this ethical level.
In November of 2009, with a view of attraction to discuss and solve the essential problems of leasing community of specialists from different departments, professional clubs, which united specialized employees - members of Association, were created. By the present moment, two professional clubs are active: club of accountants and club of lawyers; they work within electronic discussion of arriving pressing questions.
In the year of 10th anniversary of the Association creation moment, namely in December of 2009, the Association's General meeting made it's decision on renaming the organization to the United Leasing Associations (ULA).
Consequently, in 2010 the North-West Leasing Association has been renamed to the United Leasing Association.
Since 2011 United Leasing Association became a member of European Leasing Association (LEASEUROPE)