Since 2011, the United Leasing Association collaborates with the Expert RA rating agency in the area of Russian leasing market research

The information about the market is provided both to Russian members of the market and to the European Leasing Association – Leaseurope

Analytical reviews of the Russian leasing market by data of the Expert RA rating agency you can find above. Information is in Russian.




Leasing market by the end of 9-month period of 2011: more deals, less profit
The leasing market in the 3rd quarter of 2011 accelerated slightly, but profitability of lessors decreasing because of competition strengthening and rising of borrowed funds rates. Struggling for yield, the leasing companies have to diversify the funding sources and extend the range of services. The market ascension is being suppressed by expectations of negative changes in legal basis, which are, however, not going to restrict the year 2011 to become the most successful year of leasing development in Russia.
The leasing market by the end of first half-year of 2011: growth without diversification
The Russian leasing market continues to ascend: the total amount of new deals at the first half-year of 2011 doubled compared to the previous year. The transport segments were the main market drivers; despite the new opportunity of making deals with individuals, the leasing companies still don’t plan to develop this segment. 
The leasing market by the end of 2010: huge acceleration
Activity on the leasing market in 2010 has overpassed all forecasts, we observe no more restoration, but a new stage of growth. Stability, which is desired so much: absence of shocks in economy promoted escalating of investment activity of the enterprises, implemented, among other ways, through leasing.
Results of leasing companies top managers questioning at the 9th Russian national conference "Leasing in Russia – 2010": The future of the leasing market
Optimistic expectations: according to top managers of the leasing companies, the market has passed its bottom in 2009 and will grow now. Almost half of respondents (45%) consider the market to grow by 20-40% in 2011. For comparison: the "Expert РА" forecasts say that the gain will constitute from 30% to 50%.
The leasing market by 9 months of 2010: fragile recovering
The leasing market recovers quickly - thanks to demand growth and to active sales of services by lessors, and contrary to threats of legislative changes - the most negative ones in all history of its development in Russia.
The leasing market in the 1sthalf-year of 2010: on the ascent
The total amount of new deals following the results of 1st half-year of 2010 has constituted 255,5 bln rbl. The preconditions for fast growth of the market were: stabilization in the economy, an essential decrease of interest rates, growth of financing availability, after considerable fall of the market in 2009.
The leasing market in 2009: the year of portfolio sanitation
For leasing companies, the last year was a period of quality test for the formed deal portfolios. Considerable time and efforts have been spent by lessors for work with problem clients and sanitation of leasing portfolios.
Results of leasing companies top managers questioning at the 9th Russian national conference "Leasing in Russia – 2009": Opportunities of leasing development
The bottom is not passed, and restoration will be long: the majority of leasing companies questioned by "Expert РА" (53%) consider that the leasing market has not reached the bottom yet.
The leasing market by 9 months of 2009: state of ambiguity, 2009
Falling has proceeded, but stabilization is already close: by 9 months of 2009, the sum of new deals on the leasing market reduced by 69,4% in comparison with the same period of 2008, however the third quarter appeared to be rather successful.
The leasing market in the 1sthalf-year of 2009: forward to the past, 2009
Four steps back: in conditions of reduced investments to fixed assets and decrease in credit quality of borrowers, the leasing market reduced by 4.8 times. Such volume of new business approximately corresponds to results of market functioning in the first half of 2005.
The leasing market in 2008: free fall, 2009
Following the results of 2008, the total amount of new deals decreased by 27,8% in comparison with 2007. The major factors negatively influencing the market remain the same - ambiguity of economic situation development and times of financial market restoration.
The Russian leasing in 2007: buy for growth, sell for refunding, 2007
In the nearest years, the leasing companies affiliated with major banks and investment funds will actively buy other companies or their portfolios of deals. The most attractive segments are the markets with a considerable "retail" share and high liquidity of leasing subjects.
The Russian leasing: gold of the regions, 2007
In our opinion, the least problems with attraction of credit resources observed in the existing market environment belong to three groups of lessors. The first group consists of leasing companies formed alongside major banks; the second group - the companies owned by investment funds; the third are the state and quasistate leasing companies. Such lessors have the greatest chances in the near future to become unconditional market leaders.
The leasing market in the 1sthalf-year of 2007: waiting for era of M&A, 2007
The prominent features of leasing market development along the current year were strengthening of banks activity connected with crediting of leasing companies, active attraction, by lessors, of the syndicated credits and bonded loans. Strengthening of competition between Russian companies and companies with western capital has proceeded.
Analytical investigation of the leasing market in 2006, 2006
The most important tendencies on the market include diversification of activity funding sources, optimization of risk- and business processes management, regional expansion of leasing companies, and also increase of average terms of leasing deals and economic cycle lengthening on the leasing market.
Leasing in Russia– 2006
By the end of 2010, the market has real chance to grow 5-7 times, provided that the tax and legal problems interfering full-scale market development are solved. These are, first of all, problems of VAT compensation, determination of property redemption value, development of the necessary legal and tax aspects, concerning leasing of real estate and leaseback, acknowledgement of operative leasing as an investment tool. 
Leasing in Russia– 2005
In 2005, the leasing market has continued to develop actively - the volume of "new business" has constituted 5,1 bln dollars, and growth rate - about 40%. Incomes of leasing companies have increased in comparison with previous year more than by half-billion dollars. The real increment of financed funds volume in 2005 has constituted 44%, for leasing payments - 40%; these figures are lower compared to previous years, when both indicators exceeded 50%. The decrease of leasing payments growth rates and volume of the financed funds in 2004-2005 is connected, first of all, with market "coming mature" and accompanying change of its structure, and lengthening of average terms of leasing deals, schedules of payments and financing, caused, among other things, by appearance of deals which are close to project financing. 
Russian leasing market in2004
In 2004, "Expert РА" rating agency has continued the annual project on research and information support of the Russian leasing market. The research of the market, brought to your attention, was performed across 9 months of the year 2004. The data for the research were given by 110 leasing companies.
Russian leasing market in2003
One of the key factors of Russian industry growth suppression is lack of competitive production facilities almost in all industries. It does not allow Russian enterprises to master conceptually higher quality of products. Therefore, leasing, being an optimum financial tool for renovation of basic production assets, has key value for development of all Russian economy. The research of the leasing market, conducted by us, has shown that in 2003 leasing has grounded itself as a "widespread" tool of real production sector financing. 
Leasing market of the Ural region, 2003
Dynamical players proceed competitive struggle in narrow segments. Market development is restrained by lacunas in legislation, absence of inexpensive resources and risks of long-term projects.
Leasing market of the Siberian region, 2003
The leasing market of the Siberian region is at the initial stage of development for now, though showing stability and huge potential. Higher rates of its growth can be provided by regional banks, while the independent leasing companies currently prevail among domestic participants of the market.
Condition and perspectives of leasing development in Russia, 2002
Along last year or two years, leasing in Russia has becjme not simply one of modern financial tools, but a real possibility of production assets renovation, investment attraction, introduction of new technologies. Leasing becomes a basis for new effective technologies of business dealing.
Leasing market of the North-West region, 2002
Rates of leasing development in the North-West region for the next years will be determined by demand from small and medium scale enterprises.