Leasing market research and analysis

The ULA performs researches on various subjects for the purpose of carrying out the analysis of the leasing market current state, revealing the basic indicators of its functioning, and determination of scope, dynamics, structure and basic tendencies of leasing services market development.

Security of leasing activity

Within the limits of business intercourse tradition accepted all over the world, the ULA members inform each other on their counterparts. The round tables, dedicated to security, are traditionally conducted, with a view of clients estimation quality improvement and informing ULA members on ways and methods of preventing swindle .

Informational and publishing activity, work from mass-media

The Association maintains huge work on informing the public through mass-media on leasing services market condition. Press conferences and meetings between specialists from leasing companies and journalists are conducted.

Realization of the "Partner Search" program

This program gives an unique opportunity for enterprises and leasing companies-members of the ULA to create partner projects with a view of realization of specific leasing transactions.

Development of uniform concepts in leasing industry

A Leasing Activity Glossary (the code of terms) is currently being developed by ULA members.

International affairs

The ULA promotes development of cooperation between Russian and foreign leasing companies, their unions and associations, and the international financial organizations.

Realization of the "Head Hunting" program

The program assists leasing and other companies in solving personnel matters on the basis of a special resource at the ULA website.

Realization of the "Trading Platform" program

With a view of supporting the Russian enterprises, a "Trading Platform" was created on the ULA website, which is a free-of-charge informational resource, containing data on availability of used VEHICLES, EQUIPMENT and TECHNICS, and also miscellaneous property withdrawn by leasing companies which is available for acqisition at the moment. As a rule, the property is in the excellent condition, almost new.
The basis of ULA activity is the ULA Charter. Work plan and ULA budget for the next year are approved annually by the General Meeting.
All offers coming from ULA members, which are gathered throughout the year, are reviewed and approved by the ULA General Meeting.